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Nicolas Garazo

Vice President

Nicolas is a10 year mortgage industry professional, with great knowledge on different products like FHA/VA/Conventional loans for both Purchase and Refinance purposes. He was born in Argentina so he is able to help a full range of borrowers including the Spanish community across the country, making a great impact in their lives.

As a loan expert, Nicolas handles the clients application from start to finish keeping them always informed in every step of the way. He continuously demonstrates his ability to connect with clients, find a common ground with them based on his personal experiences and travels. Nicolas shows his expertise in educating the clients on choosing the best program for their financial needs and always finding an angle to the client’s benefit.

Nicolas has also developed a great referral source of business where past clients are happy to recommend friends and family to him based on their experiences.

In his free time he enjoys spending time with his family and playing sports like tennis and soccer.

Languages spoken: English, Spanish

Nicolas Garazo
NMLS 938807

Alexis Chemblette

Vice President

Alexis Chemblette is a seasoned financial and business professional with years of experience in venture capital, consulting, growth, and lending. With a background in both finance and business development, he brings a unique perspective to the table, leveraging his expertise to help organizations and clients achieve their goals.

Previously, Alexis served as Director of Finance and Mortgages at Heartland Homes, where he oversaw client relationships with lenders and helped homeowners secure financing.

Prior to that, he was a Senior Advisor and Investor at venture capital firms Red River West and Sound Ventures respectively, where he helped identify and invest in promising startups and emerging technologies. Outside of work, Alexis can often be found on the tennis court, indulging his passion for the sport.

Languages spoken: English, French

Alexis Chemblette
NMLS  2427660

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